I got an email asking for helpers at the leaders selection weekend. So I decided that I would go and help out (secretly hoping that it would get my name known in a good way).

The purpose of the leaders selection weekend was to decide which leaders would be helping support the young people in Korea. The leaders had to do lots of difficult activities all based on things that had happened at previous international trips.

I was quite nervous because I knew that I wasn’t going to know anybody and that it was going to be a lot of adults with not many young people (this would mean that we couldn’t get away with anything.)

This weekend was however a good indication on what my selection process would be like. It showed me how much hard work it was going to be to actually be selected. But it was good fun and and I made some friends that I wouldn’t have made otherwise. It also meant that I met a couple of people who had been on previous jamborees so they gave me lots of advice.

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